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Aexzr™ Water Soluble Collagen Film Patches

Aexzr™ Water Soluble Collagen Film Patches

 (1128 Reviews)

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Aexzr™ Water Soluble Collagen Film Patches

Aexzr™ Water Soluble Collagen Film Patches

 (1128 Reviews)
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Take A Look At Our Happy Customers’ Youthful, Wrinkle-Free Skin Transformation With Our Anti-Aging Collagen Patch  

“Being in my late 30s, aging is becoming a bigger concern of mine as fine lines and wrinkles have kept on appearing more and more, especially around my eyes and forehead. Not only that, but I also notice a major change in my skin complexion. It has become so dull and dry that I look even older than my age. Upon searching online for an effective, yet non-injectable/surgical solution to calm down my wrinkly and declining complexion, I have found out about this well-reviewed anti-aging collagen patch. For 7 days so far and I am already noticing that the lines around my eyes and forehead have diminished significantly. It also helps in smoothing and toning up the roughness and unevenness of my skin. I applied it regularly before I slept and for each day that has passed my aging skin had perfectly improved. I’m only in my 2 months of applying the patches on and the deep wrinkles all over my face have already tightened up like they’re not even there in the first place. I am proud to say how youthful, brighter, and plump up my skin had turned now without the pricey botox injections. My colleagues were also amazed with how I vanished the dullness and my aging lines that make me look younger than my age now. Will be continuing to use it as a part of my skin care routine! Highly recommend it!”  

Patricia Moore, 37
Boston, Massachusetts

“As a woman who is always exposed to harsh sun rays, my skin has taken a toll that even at my young age, there’s already visible folds and unsightly spots all over my face. It makes me insecure with my own skin so I’ve tried almost every anti-wrinkle product from serums to creams and even supplements, but not even one of them had worked on me. A friend of mine had recommended this anti-aging collagen patch to me and after reading all its good reviews and effects I decided to try it out myself. Just in my first day of use and I already feel how soft it makes my skin without that sticky residue left behind. Of course you won't necessarily see overnight results in fading out the wrinkles, but I was pleasantly surprised that in only like 5 days and the lines had already started to smooth out. I also noticed that it helps in brightening my skin tone as well and evening out my hyperpigmentations and sun spots. Over time, the deep lines did seem more refined and it also seemed to work with fighting acne. In about 2 months, my face is now wrinkle-free and clear with a touch of softness and a healthy dewy look. No more signs of early aging and sun damage that’s been making me self-conscious! This is such a game-changer that I wished I knew about sooner!”     

Cheryl White, 52
Seattle, Washington, USA

What Causes Wrinkle Formation?

A wrinkle can be described as a fracture of the skin that forms as lines, creases or ridges which can range from deep to shallow. Wrinkles are a natural part of the body’s aging process that appears on the skin when it becomes less elastic and thinner through the years due to the depletion in collagen production. Making the skin lose its ability to spring back which allows the folds and creases to be permanently engraved and become features of the skin. There are also other factors that cause line formation which includes prolonged exposure to UV rays, pollution, and smoking. These environmental aggressors can speed up the aging process by breaking down the elastin fibers and collagen which will then lead to the development of fine lines and deep wrinkles.

The first signs of aging tend to show up on a person's face in areas where the skin naturally folds during facial expressions with emotions like joy and anger. In addition, wrinkles and the sagginess are natural age-related skin changes that do not pose a concern in the overall health. However, these shallow and deep creases are considered as unattractive and bad for many as it is often a sign of age. This is why we introduce you to our non-surgical and non-injectable botox-like solution for naturally ironing out wrinkles and ridges and achieving a glowy, eternally youthful look.

Firm Up Dull, Saggy Skin In No Time Only With Our Anti-Aging Collagen Patches!

A pack of collagen-infused patches that boasts an incredible anti-aging fighting ingredient which promises to flat out fine lines and even the deepest of wrinkles in no time. It absorbs nicely on the depths of the skin layers and actively delivers nourishment that can successfully stimulate depleted collagen and elastin production. Furthermore, the patch also works in rebuilding healthy skin cells to speed up the skin regeneration process. Thus, allowing it to increase elasticity and brings out an excellent lifting effect that can smooth and repair unsightly wrinkle formation. Its collagen boosting performance even helps in delaying the development of future signs of aging. The anti-wrinkle patch adopts an incredible treating solution that can improve the look and feel of rough skin texture.

This multi-tasking collagen face patch also boasts superior moisturizing results that can lock in long-lasting, essential hydration to your parched skin. This in turn, gives the look of a glass skin in seconds and helps to control oil while concurrently fighting off dryness and dullness of the skin. It also tones up and brightens skin complexion which effectively fades blemishes, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation. Providing you a nicely plumed and evenly radiant, clear face without the need for bleaching and injectables. Moreover, the collagen patch even supplies an amazing skin barrier that can resist wrinkle forming factors like pollution and harmful sun UV rays. Making it the best dermatologists-approved product to maintain a glowy and healthy, wrinkle-free youthful skin appearance for as fast as 2 months of regular use. No worries as this patch performs an intense and immediate triple action that is still gentle and applicable for all skin types. Lastly, it supports a water-soluble patch type that can naturally dissolve when exposed to water to provide an even better skin absorption.


Key Ingredients Of Anti-Aging Collagen Patches!

  • Chitosan - is a popular cosmetic and skin care ingredient thanks to its powerful anti-aging beneficial effects. It acts as a natural stimulating agent that successfully speeds up at a faster rate the body’s skin regeneration and wakes up resting cells that decline due to human aging. Moreover, this ingredient boosts up all phases of wound healing that have been affected and slowed down. Thus, encouraging the body to produce new, healthy skin cells even on mature skin types which successfully helps to delay the aging process. It even promotes optimal collagen production which strengthens the skin’s main building blocks and efficiently smooths out fine lines, deep wrinkles, and roughen skin. Lastly, chitosan consists of antioxidant properties that deliver a healthy skin barrier to protect it from unwanted free radicals and oxidative stress that leads to pre-aging.  

  • Niacinamide - or also known as nicotinamide, is a form of vitamin B3, a water-soluble vitamin which packs a punch with all the good stuff that’s valuable for the general skin health. It helps in building up keratin, a type of protein that keeps the skin firm and healthy. In addition, it speeds up wound healing and supports the skin to prevent stresses that cause cell rupture and death which leads to fragility conditions. Niacinamide is also a professional moisturizing agent that locks in hydration to the skin to successfully reduce skin problems like extreme dryness or oiliness, blemishes, pimple breakouts, and rough skin. This in turn, maintains skin overall baby soft feel, integrity, and youthful appearance. This multitasking ingredient can even treat hyperpigmentation and effectively diminishes wrinkles and the crepey look on the skin due to aging and environmental stress. The nicotinamide also serves as an excellent protector against oxidative aggressors and sun damage which is one of the primary causes of skin aging. Eliminating the risk of premature wrinkle formation, pigmentation, sun spots, reduced skin elasticity, degradation of skin texture, and such.        

  • Sodium Hyaluronate - is a powerful compound that’s been always the top contenders in the world of skin care products and is renowned for its hydrating and anti-aging properties. It offers optimal skin moisture levels which binds in hydration from deep within the skin to reduce dryness and extreme oiliness without causing blockages on the pores. Sodium hyaluronate also helps in improving the look of noticeable wrinkles by smoothing the skin, decreasing crease depth, and stimulating elasticity. Furthermore, this agent also works actively to encourage wounds heal and tissue repair which replaces damaged tissue with regenerated identical cells. Thus, bringing back the skin’s naturally plumpiness and original youthful appearance. 

  • Hexapeptide 2 - is used as a skin-conditioning agent that naturally reduces the appearance of aging. It works actively in smoothening the formation of fine lines and deep wrinkles. Hexapeptide 2 even retains moisture which helps provide skin elasticity and protection against environmental aggressors that leads to a variety of skin aging issues. It also solves the problem of skin dryness, dullness, as well as controlling skin oiliness. Moreover, this beneficial ingredient adopts an incredible ability in skin-lightening and brightening effects. Allowing it to successfully minimize other causes of aging, including age spots, hyperpigmentation, redness, and so on. Providing you a wrinkle-free skin with a brighter and evenly clear look.      

Check Out K’s 8 Week Road To A Youthfully Plump And Smooth Out Skin With Anti-Aging Collagen Patches:

I’ve been dealing with fine lines since years which have now morphed into a much deeper groove which makes me look double my age. I can’t even hide it with makeup anymore as the wrinkles are too deep now that they only settle and create a more crepey look. Thankfully though, I have found this top notch collagen patch that incredibly transformed my skin with a plump feel and lifted up appearance in no time. I am not a fan of leaving out reviews, but this anti-aging collagen patch is so good that I just need to share it with everyone!

Week 1:

In just a few days I already saw a huge difference with how the patch had improved the texture, look, and feel of my skin. I was really impressed with this product that every morning I saw enhancement with my skin looking more refreshed and smoother. The wrinkle lines were still there but are now more subtle. My skin also absorbs the product well and it does not leave any stickiness behind which is awesome. Moreseo, it also helps in toning up my skin complexion that in just a week, my face had looked so much brighter than before.  

Week 4:

For another couple of weeks the sagginess of my skin as well as fine lines had now looked more concealed that you wouldn't even notice them anymore. The product had also faded out the spots and made my skin appear more clear and even out as you can see on the photo that I have provided. I can also feel how well it hydrates my skin that it feels super soft and smooth to touch now even when I don’t use my moisturizer anymore. Moreover, this anti-aging collagen does not cause me any negative effects like breakouts, itchiness, and irritations. 

Week 8:

In only as fast as 2 months and my skin looks and feels downright incredible which makes me touch it and stare at my face into the mirror longer. The wrinkles as well as the deepened folds had magically vanished, that not even a single aging line could be seen on my face. I am also delighted to achieve this intense, luminous glow and clearer, smoother texture of my face which makes me look more glass skin. It really took its promises to give the skin's youthfulness and plumpness that botox could never. My life-saver, I really encourage everyone who has the same skin problems as mine to test it out! It never disappoints! 

Julie Sullivan, 44,
Miami, Florida


  • Provides a plump and lift-up effect that can iron shallow to deepest wrinkles and skin folds for as fast as 2 months

  • Stimulates the body’s natural collagen production while simultaneously increasing skin elasticity and strength to prevent future wrinkle development

  • Smooth rough skin textures and fade out sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes to achieve a clear, even skin complexion

  • Retains moisture from deep within the skin for optimal hydration and radiant, glass skin look  

  • Brightens skin complexion 

  • Helps to maintain a healthy-looking skin

  • Promotes an exceptional skin barrier that can fight off unwanted environmental stressors that leads to the signs of aging

  • Formulated with all-natural, active ingredients and intense triple action collagen that is suitable for all skin types

  • Eliminates the risk of itchiness, irritations, breakouts, stinging, and other discomfort even with daily application

  • Comes in a pack with already cutted patches for the forehead, cheeks, and chin for easier application

  • Features a water-soluble patch type that can magically dissolves when exposed to water to provide an even better skin absorption


  • Ingreident: Water, Hydrolyzed collagen,  Polyvinyl Alcohol, Chitosan,  Ammonium Acryloyldimethyl Taurat,  E/VP Copolymer, Niacinnamide,  Hydropxyacetophenone,  1,2-Hexanediol, sodium Hyaluronate,  Nonapeptide-1, Hexapeptide-2,  Acetyl Hexapeptide-8


  • 1 x Aexzr™ Water Soluble Collagen Film Patch

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